A very warm welcome from Emily….

It’s all about dogs – they have always been a passion and the centre of my life, part of the family; playing, living and working within the country lifestyle, a dream come true. Emily’s Groom Room remains a centre of dog grooming and pampering excellence, now Emily’s Canine Country adds many more services and products to help you achieve the perfect lifestyle for your special friends.

Emilys Canine country - Emily Pilton
Just stepping back a moment I have to remember that my life with dogs grew out of the canine passion of my parents, it really is a family thing!  Emily’s Canine Country will be able to share decades of dog experience and knowledge through both myself and my dad, Chris Pilton, who will be dusted off and take his place as part of the team. I must also introduce my mum Trudie who also brings extensive experience but more notably bakes very special cakes – not to be missed!
Emily's Canine Country - About Us
Our mission is to listen to you, to provide the help and services you need and equally to treat your dog as if it were our own with genuine care, affection and attention. We passionately believe that a relaxed and fruitful lifestyle with our woofer friends is achieved only through building natural bonds and positive relationships with them. By developing a genuine mutual respect we create a productive, relaxed, comfortable and happy lifestyle.
Chris Pilton - Canine Country