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Fun Dog Show

EGR ECC Charity Event fullWe’re launching our big event diary with the announcement of this year’s Fun Dog Show.

Emily’s Canine Country will now host all of the woofer events and activities at the show but you will still see the familiar friendly face of Emily’s Groom Room.

We will be following the format of our previous shows but have decided to use a new venue – World Horse Welfare at Glenda Spooner Farm for two reasons;

•The show will be undercover in the all weather arena, the show will go on! Come rain or shine!
•The work of the charity World Horse Welfare is very close to my heart. Horses are another four legged love in my life so to be able to help and contribute through the show really means a lot to me.

The day will be packed with show classes, activities for your dog, shopping experiences and children’s entertainment- as always a great day out for the whole family and your woofer stars. We love the build up to the show, a bit pressurised and hectic but putting it all together is one of those challenges you know will be so worth it when everyone is smiling and tails are wagging. The move to an indoor show is a move with a bit of apprehension, the home field is such a lovely location, but the lack of worry about rain and the great facilities is going to make it just the ticket!

Preparation is well underway, rosettes ordered, printing done and goody bags in the planning; just the mention of show day raises the excitement.

Why do we all enjoy the fun dog show so much?

It’s the excitement and anticipation of that special day, meeting friends seeing many different dogs

It’s the feeling of pride when we take our woofers in the ring and show them off

It’s the elation of that prize

It’s having all the family involved as part of woofers big day, children right in the middle with their pet mates

It’s the best of dog ownership, being part of a bigger family

Really it’s just all about having FUN

We hope to see you there