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Our Country: The home of dogs

Emily’s Canine Country is not just our business it is our lifestyle; a lifestyle for all dogs integrated within a traditional working farm.

The country and farming is an important part of us and what we do, there are freedoms and a healthy life to be benefited from in both work and leisure for both the two legged and four legged residents and visitors.

The small mixed traditional Somerset farm has experienced many pressures of change of the past two decades. Many have looked to new activities to aid survival as viable businesses; we have included our passion for dogs.

For a good number of years we have been developing and moulding seasonal and daily routines that allow the farming to continue alongside many varied dog activities. The land provides specialist facility for specific dog training alongside our traditional sheepdog activity but most importantly above this it provides a place for healthy exercise, life and growing space, for all our canine partners.

The farming life can at times not be an easy one but there are many times throughout the different seasons when we feel very privileged to live in such a special place. We love capturing photos of all the changes and moments throughout the seasons, join in and share this super seasonal journey.

Sometimes it’s a little rugged but we do feel passionate about being part of the order of our natural countryside. Dogs have throughout a long history been by our sides and part of many countryside ways, our vision not only keeps these traditions progressing but also seeks to expand this looking at wider horizons.

I have been very fortunate to have spent a little time in Africa working on lion and rhino conservation projects, we all know of the problems of poaching and the effects on the animals. There are now dogs being bred and starting their training in our country that later are going to Africa to play a part in the fight against poaching, the horizons of our canine friends have indeed widened!