The beginning

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Hello, woof and welcome

For Emily’s Canine Country it’s dawn of a new day and a whole new website and blog.
Take a look at some of our favourite dawn photos, crisp starts to another country day, birds bursting into song, the emerging sunlight colouring the landscape and our four legged companions leaving their beds stretching their bodies ready for action.


Emily’s Canine Country is a family vision and lifestyle; it’s all about dogs and countryside, you and your woofs, tradition and new ideas, health and vigour.

As my new venture there is a lot to bark and woof about but I am not the only member of the pack, through this blog you will be able to meet new people and dogs but beware, some may be a bit barking mad!

We will bring you thoughts, knowledge, beliefs and experiences; shared information we hope will help both you and your dog.

We will include news of what’s going on here and our upcoming events along with any matters of interest that relate to our many four legged friends.

There is a lot to get those tails wagging so stay tuned and pop back to check out the latest blogs-they are sure to be entertaining!

The dawn of an exciting future is here, Emily