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The farmer & his mates

Emily’s Canine Country is all about dogs and the two legged team who are obsessed with them. We’re all a bit crazy about our many canine friends but none more so than my father, Chris Pilton, known to many as ‘the farmer’

As the name suggests the farmer likes a bit of farming but more than that he is rarely very far away from a dog or two (or three, four, you’ll loose count!)

His passion for dogs is probably as crazy as the dogs he keeps and he could be described as a walking encyclopaedia on all doggy matters. He has answers to many problems and many theories where there are no answers but be prepared if you have a chat for a long one! In true farming fashion make sure you are by a gate to lean on. He loves to talk about dogs, farming, building and the weather and that’s probably about it.

Now father likes a working type of dog which includes service and police dogs, search dogs and sheepdogs. He has reared and trained a Kennel Club Working Trial Champion, numerous police & prison dogs and our own farm sheepdogs.

My childhood, in fact most of my life, has never been far from his many canine mates which has been great for lots of puppy cuddles. Learning from father is never better than when you see him with pups; moulding and shaping the youngsters into well balanced healthy working dogs.

Given that he is now a bit on the grey side I’m encouraging him to depart a bit of this experience through these blogs so keep an eye out for some interesting stuff,Emily.